Masterclass news and introducing Lexi Walker

We had a really fun first week in masterclass.  All students sang and worked through what distractions they may have in their performance that kept it from being professional.  Our second masterclass in Feb. month was “Acting the Song”.  Students really upped their performance this month and were very open to the acting training.  I also appreciated the positive comments students gave to each other.  Thanks to everyone for adapting quickly to the new schedule and policies.  If you haven’t sent me a picture be sure to do that so I can get updated on this website.  Also please bring me a print for my studio wall. Here is a little something to inspire you this week.  Watch this amazing performance:

My former student Laina Walker has a little sister Lexi who has really gotten a lot of attention lately.  This is Lexi (just started her lessons with me- she is a total natural!) and my friend Alex Boye.  Enjoy!


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