NATS auditions are in November 2016!

For those of you who haven’t participated before, each year, the members of NATS (National Association of Teacher’s of Singing) central UT chapter have the opportunity to register their students to be evaluated by other teachers, and as well, compete against other students in their category/s for prizes and the honor of singing in the final round recital.  Each year this takes place in the HFAC (Harris Fine Arts Center) on BYU campus.  There is a small entrance fee and the student is responsible for paying their accompanist as well.  The information you need can be found under the events category and you’ll be able to find the links/attachments to all the registration info. you need.  Please talk to me if you’d like to participate this year.  Traditionally this has been held in Feb./March but this year we are beginning a new tradition of holding it in the Fall.  We are making this change so that students who do well can take the opportunity to participate in the NATS regional competition in Jan. and possibly go on to Nationals in the summer.  Participating in NATS student auditions is great as it gives students a performance opportunity to work toward as well as the chance to receive feedback from other professionals.  It’s also a fantastic award to have on your resume.  Please consider participating and let me know!


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