This was a great year for students participating in NATS!  Not only did they do extremely well at the local level, but several decided to continue on to the Regional level, competing against students from AZ, HI, CA, NV and they killed it!!  The following students were top three finalists as well as qualifying for the YouTube round leading to Nationals- Justin DeLong took second place in the Upper College men’s musical theater category; Kate Gabbitas was the first place winner in younger college Contemporary music category; Haven McGee took second in the HS age Contemporary category as well as qualifiying for the YouTube round leading in to Nationals in her age group musical theater division.  Kennedy Johnson was the first place winner in her HS Musical Theater category as well as qualifying for the YouTube round for Classical.  Other students who participated included Cairo McGee, Sasha Fazulyanov and Cameron Crowe.  These students all performed exceptionally well and scored very high.  CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!


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  1. Beverly Redd says:

    Awesome job Kennedy! We are so proud of you! Jenikah comes home from her mission on Wednesday! Do you have any openings?

    • I can’t believe she’ll be home so soon. That’s SO exciting! I’ll look forward to seeing her. My phone number is 801.368.5480 and you or she can get in touch with me once she’s settled and we’ll see what we can do. It’s a pretty packed semester but I’ll do what I can for you guys for sure!

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