Studio Policies

Updated January 2019

Students will be on time (on time means early), warmed up and prepared with a recording device and their binder at each lesson.

The following is a list designed to help you meet the above criteria.

  • Please purchase (if you haven’t already) an 8X10 3 ring binder to be used as your music/practice log folder.  In this you will keep copies of your current music, copies of semester logs and and loose leaf pages for additional notes.
  • Please purchase a box of 8X10 sheet protectors to be added to your music folder as you begin new songs.  Make a copy of the songs you are working on, from your books (that way you don’t have to lug all of your books around) and add it to your folder.  Add paper and copies to your folder as needed.
  •  Each semester (Sept.-Dec., Jan.-May and June-Aug.)  I will expect you to purchase a new book of music.  Think of it as the text book for your class.  This is a great way to get going on your own music libraries.   I may make suggestions or you may as well.
  •  I expect my students to not only “sing” but to be “singers”.  We will be discussing the difference more in depth, but let’s just say I want PERFORMERS.  Part of your requirements as my student will include your acting/performing of a song.  Know who your audience will be, whether you need a microphone, if you need to cut your song for auditions etc.

Outside performance requirements:

  •  Most students invest in private lessons because they have goals to perform for others.  I will require that each of you do one performance per semester in addition to the recitals.  These may include church solos, auditions, solos in musicals, community talent shows, and especially if you are just beginning, family reunions and gatherings.  If you are in the thralls of figuring out your voice, I will work with you to determine a comfortable setting we deem valid for this requirement.

Practicing:  (Let’s call it performance exercising)

  •  There is no exact amount of time required for practicing voice.  A suggested amount is: beginning students- 20-40 min. 5X a week and advanced students- 30-60+ min. 5X a week. The way you will practice should be very customized and based on lesson work. You may practice your exercises and then the trouble spots in your pieces.  When you are ready, you might attempt larger sections of your songs and then finally the piece in it’s entirety.  Some days you will spend a majority of your time working on song/character research and characterization.  Other days you will do some technique and a little performance work.  Some days you should work to combine all elements for the complete package.  Shorter lengths of time but more frequently during the day can be very effective.  When you are sick or resting your voice, spend practice time engaged in active listening and researching your pieces.

Acting/Performance Skills:

  • Equally as important as being a great vocal technician is being able to perform a song and really tell the story through the music and the acting/stage presentation. Everyone won’t have the same goals as to what they want to do with their voices, but it’s important to have performance experiences. Because our lessons are relatively short, we will spend the majority of our time on vocal technique.  However, I will, at various times propose a song to be worked more fully in it’s performance aspect as well (see “practicing”).  Also, if you are feeling the need to spend more time on these performance skills, please let me know.
  •  All students will be required to sing in both a legit/classical,  and a theater/belt style.  Those who would like to can work on other styles as well including, pop, country, jazz etc.   I would like you all to find your niche in singing by experimenting in many styles and by becoming proficient in many techniques.  Please keep a list with the songs you have worked on or completed, and keep copies of your songs in your binder sheets.

ME-  I will give you a 29 min. or 44 min. lesson (one minute allowed for switching students).  If I am interrupted by my family, even for a minute I will add that to the end of your lesson.  This means I will sometimes be running a few minutes late.  This does not change the fact that I expect you to be on time.  I will not make up for minutes you are late. If you are late, I MAY continue teaching the student before you until you arrive.

Payment:  Payment for the entire month is due at the beginning of the month.  Any payments submitted after the 15th will have a $15 late fee added to their bill. (If you have any special circumstances, please talk to me to work out something else.)  If you can’t make your lesson time one week, you might call someone from my current schedule to trade with you.  If you can’t trade for any day or time that week, I also provide a sub list that you may use to call someone to take your lesson when you are unable to be there.  Please call these subs as much in advance as you can.  Record their name and number somewhere for reference, so you will know who commits to you to come to your lesson.


  • INSTRUMENTAL/KARAOKE CD’S:  A lot of karaoke music is now readily available online.  A lot of songs are on I-tunes as well as other websites.
  •  YOUTUBE is a great resource for you to find new songs and/or learn a song or see an example of a good performance.  Be discerning.  A lot of what you can view will be mediocre and amateur.  However, there are many opportunities to see Broadway stars and popular performers in excellent performances.
  •  The following is a list of suggested books you can purchase online or at local music stores.


Books that are great for kids ages 6-14 include:

  • Primary Songbook
  • Kids Broadway Songbook
  • The Teens Musical Theatre Collection (w/or w/o CD and available for young men)
  • The First Book of Broadway Solos
  • Musical Theater Anthology for Teens (Duet Book)

Books that are great for young adults to adults are:

  • Theatre Songs for Women (w/CD and available for Men)
  • Contemporary Hits (w/CD)
  • Musical Theatre Classics, Mezzo vol. 1 and 2 w/CD
  • Contemporary Theatre Songs, Sop. or Mezzo w/CD
  • The Stephen Schwartz Songbook
  • All Sondheim
  • EFY books
  • Collections of Contemporary LDS music
  • ALL Musical Theatre Anthologies
  • ALL Musical Selections Books

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