Children of Eden- a MUST SEE

The musical “Children of Eden” will be presented by AFHS April 21-26, 2016 at 7pm.  Put this on your calendars for your whole family!  You won’t want to miss it.  Kennedy Johnson, a student from my studio (and my daughter) will be playing EVE.  This show is incredible!  I’ll post info. about the tickets as I get it.  Be sure not to miss this one!

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Star students star in “Secret Garden”

In November of 2015, two students, both seniors in HS at LPHS, Em Pew and Miriam Edwards stole the show Lone Peak’s most recent production of “The Secret Garden”.  Here are some photos of this incredible production:

12239352_203399289996406_2307087590097155442_o 11950343_203399686663033_6852851773567845606_o 11224029_203399333329735_2317139797427402457_o

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Students who participated in NATS at BYU this year did so well!  Here are the ones who placed:

Hannah Pyper- 1st place University Belt 1

Natalie Nordin- 1st place Adult Belt 3 and 2nd place Adult Legit 3

Lydia Hughes- 1st place High School Legit 2

Miriam Edwards- 1st place High School Belt 1 and 4th place High School Legit 1

Sarah Fitzgerald- 2nd place High School Legit 2

Kellie Close- 3rd place Adult Belt 2

CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED- there was some GREAT singing going on!



Hannah and Kerilyn NATS 2015 2 Hannah and Kerilyn NATS 2015Natalie and Kerilyn NATS 2015Sarah and Kerilyn 2015 NATS


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Check out this link for info.  This competition would be especially good for pop/contemporary singers interested in a challenge and some feedback on their talent.  Let me know if you sign up and we’ll make sure you get you ready!

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Miriam Edwards wins “Best Actress Award”

Miriam Edwards attended BYU’s two week Theater Camp and received the award of “Best Actress.” She performed in an Evening of Monologues and “The Fantastics”.
The directors complimented Miriam for being an actress/singer who is extremely versatile  saying “when she auditioned for us we could see so many possibilities for her.” They noted she takes direction easily and responds quickly. They appreciated her skill of being honest in her acting. Among other things, the director cast Miriam to open the first scene of “The Fantastics” with a featured dance and close the last scene with a vocal solo.  CONGRATULATIONS MIRIAM!!
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time to sign up for FALL schedule . . .

It’s time to start sign ups for Fall schedule 2014.  Remember to look at the calendar.  It has the weeks listed for Masterclasses and the weeks there will be private lessons.  Email me your 1st and 2nd preferences for a lesson time and I’ll send out a schedule once I get it all confirmed.  I am planning to teach the following times (last hour listed is when the last 1/2 hour lesson ends:

Tuesdays: 3-5:30

Wednesdays 6:30-9:30

Thursdays: 3-5:30


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Taylor Valdez

Here is one of my students, Taylor, and a couple of new videos she has on youtube.  Go watch them and “like” them.


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THE schedule for Summer lessons will begin Tues., June 3 and end Thurs. Aug. 14.  All students who wish to keep their permanent spot with me should sign up for a summer time.  If you anticipate missing several of your summer lessons, just get on the sub list early and book subs in those weeks.  It’s usually pretty smooth.  Also, there will be NO masterclasses in the summer.  We will resume masterclasses in Sept.  The next recital will likely be in October, so stay tuned for that update.  If you are currently an every other week student and wish to move to every week, summer is a great time to secure that, so let me know. SUMMER TIMES include:  Tuesdays starting with a 1:00 lesson and ending with a 4:30 lesson.  Wednesdays I will teach students who would like evening lessons, beginning with a 6:30 lesson and ending with an 8:30 lesson.  Thursdays will start at 9 and end with a 12 noon lesson. To schedule your summer time, please send me an email with your first and second options.  I will send a confirmation email with your assigned time once I schedule everyone.  If you are trading with someone, I will send their name and number at that time.  Thanks!

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Masterclass news and introducing Lexi Walker

We had a really fun first week in masterclass.  All students sang and worked through what distractions they may have in their performance that kept it from being professional.  Our second masterclass in Feb. month was “Acting the Song”.  Students really upped their performance this month and were very open to the acting training.  I also appreciated the positive comments students gave to each other.  Thanks to everyone for adapting quickly to the new schedule and policies.  If you haven’t sent me a picture be sure to do that so I can get updated on this website.  Also please bring me a print for my studio wall. Here is a little something to inspire you this week.  Watch this amazing performance:

My former student Laina Walker has a little sister Lexi who has really gotten a lot of attention lately.  This is Lexi (just started her lessons with me- she is a total natural!) and my friend Alex Boye.  Enjoy!

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Wed., Dec. 11, 2013


5:30 pm (usually runs just around an hour)

Invite family and friends.

Dress nicely- appropriate for your song.

Make sure you practice with your accompanist or bring your performance track on CD or ue your phone or ipod (etc.) and hand it to me as it’s your turn to perform.

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