There are many reasons you may attend an audition.  Musical Theater is one of the most typical reasons, but auditions are also held for talent shows, choirs, bands, and many other performance opportunities.

Usually you will be asked to sing one or two songs, and often not the entire piece.  When singing two pieces you might prepare two contrasting songs to show different styles or abilities.

ALWAYS have your music cut to the appropriate length for your accompanist.  Put it inplastice sheet protectors (non-glare) in a binder.

It’s important to know as much as you can about what you are auditioning for.  If it’s a musical, you should research and study the characters (so you can know what character you may be trying out for),  and know the songs from the show if possible.  If it’s a talent show or choir audition, know exactly what they are looking for so you can sing in the appropriate style etc.

The reason for the initial audition is to be called back to be seen again.  Usually there is a call-back after the candidates have been narrowed down.  You want to stand out, show as much of your voice as possible in the first audition so they will want to see you again.  REMEMBER, they want to get to know YOU in the audition, so let them see your personality, confidence and best singing.

Acting/Performance is extremely important in an audition.  You will want to polish and perfect the story (even if it’s only 16 measures) you are telling.

Always sing something you know backwards and forwards.  Not a great idea to audition with a brand new song- untried.  When you get to the call-backs you may have to sing something they have given you and you should learn it as quickly as possible.







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