Congrats to the NATS participants and winners for 2023!

This was an exceptional year for the studio with 5 students taking first place, one taking second, and two taking third. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Hanna Eyre- First place Upper division Contemporary

Lydia Kenny- First place Lower division Contemporary

Hannah Gould- First place Upper division College Musical Theater (MT)

Sky Seivane- First place Upper division High School (HS) MT

Sarah Kenny- First place Lower division HS MT

Mariel Alexander- Second place Upper division College MT

Erica Schoebinger- Third place Upper division College MT

Emily Smith- Third place Lower division HS MT

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CONGRATS to all those students who participated in NATS this year-2021. Everyone got excellent scores and comments and so many people placed in the top three in their categories. Way to go!

TYLER MCQUISTON- 1st place College MT

KERSEE WHITNEY- 1st place advanced College MT

ERICA SCHOEBINGER- 3rd place advanced College MT

CAIRO MCGEE- 1st place HS MT men’s and 2nd place CM

EMILY SMITH- 2nd place HS MT younger teens category

SARAH KENNEY- 3rd place HS MT younger teens category

JAMI GREENBURG- 3rd place HS MT women’s category

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Bring on 2021!

Happy New Year once again! As we turned the corner to 2021, two of my students had a great accomplishment- Diane Tuft and Claire Kenny. These two amazing singers recently moved on from the locals to the Regional level of NATS and both placed in the top 4. Yay Diane and Claire! We made it through Zoom lessons this past year as well as even a Zoom recital. You all kept improving and working and practicing, in spite of the fact that your shows were cancelled, gigs were few etc. WAY TO GO! We came out ahead! Here’s to an amazing 2021!

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2020- what’s next?

Yes we all know what 2020 has been- but something we haven’t talked about for a while (since we haven’t had a recital for a while) is how AWESOME the Johnson Music Studio students are doing!  I am so impressed that both through some in person lessons and some online, students have continued to improve so much and have found a lot of joy through music and singing.  The studio has had a lot of cleanings and the students have been healthy and excited.  I’m so happy we have continued to work hard and enjoy that work through this crazy time.  Thanks for keeping it going and keep it up!

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NATS 2019

Hello everyone!  NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) auditions event will be held at BYU on Nov. 22 and 23.  I am able to register students 14 and up. The registration closes Oct. 28, so I must have all your info. and payments by no later than Oct. 26 so I can get you registered in time.  Please read carefully through the info. so you know which category is correct for you to enter.  You may enter two categories.  COST is $20 per student per division. Read all the attachments carefully.  The auditions divisions pages will help you know which category/ies you will enter.  Please let me know ASAP if you are thinking of participating.  I am happy to answer all your questions and help you get prepared for this.  It’s a huge growth opportunity that I highly recommend.

NATS 2019 Student Information and FAQ Sheet


2019 NATS_Copyright_FAQs_-_Aug_2019

2019 NATS_Rubric_Music_Theater_MUTH_July_30

2019 NATS_Rubric_Classical_2019_July_30

2019 NATS Auditions Rating and scoring system

2017 NATS Auditions Divisions and Repertoire Requirements

FYI- There is a regional level you can qualify to advance to held in CA in Jan. and from there you may qualify for Nationals held in the summer.

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WELCOME BACK- and happy 2019!

Hello students!  I am so excited about the studio upgrades and organization that happened over the break, and all the energy you will all bring to 2019.  Please be sure to share any great news you’ve had regarding auditions or performances so we can recognize your hard work.  Congrats to the students who made MDT callbacks at both BYU and UVU!  Great work Alex Joyner in your role as Joseph in “Savior of the World” and also for being cast as Jack in HCTO’s “Newsies”.  Here’s to a fabulous 2019!

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Seven students participated at BYU this year in the annual NATS adjudications.  Of those who sang, two took first, two seconds and two thirds in their prospective categories.  Great work Alex Joyner, Jenikah Redd,  Kennedy Johnson, Connor Lee, Sophia Jensen, Stephanie Welsch, and Diane Tuft!

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This was a great year for students participating in NATS!  Not only did they do extremely well at the local level, but several decided to continue on to the Regional level, competing against students from AZ, HI, CA, NV and they killed it!!  The following students were top three finalists as well as qualifying for the YouTube round leading to Nationals- Justin DeLong took second place in the Upper College men’s musical theater category; Kate Gabbitas was the first place winner in younger college Contemporary music category; Haven McGee took second in the HS age Contemporary category as well as qualifiying for the YouTube round leading in to Nationals in her age group musical theater division.  Kennedy Johnson was the first place winner in her HS Musical Theater category as well as qualifying for the YouTube round for Classical.  Other students who participated included Cairo McGee, Sasha Fazulyanov and Cameron Crowe.  These students all performed exceptionally well and scored very high.  CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!

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Be sure not to miss this exciting new Broadway (2013) version of a classic.  I’m playing the stepmother “Madame” and it’s a fun role and one of my students Sasha Fazulyanov is playing Ella (Cinderella).  The entire production is great so bring the whole family!Cinderella poster

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NATS auditions are in November 2016!

For those of you who haven’t participated before, each year, the members of NATS (National Association of Teacher’s of Singing) central UT chapter have the opportunity to register their students to be evaluated by other teachers, and as well, compete against other students in their category/s for prizes and the honor of singing in the final round recital.  Each year this takes place in the HFAC (Harris Fine Arts Center) on BYU campus.  There is a small entrance fee and the student is responsible for paying their accompanist as well.  The information you need can be found under the events category and you’ll be able to find the links/attachments to all the registration info. you need.  Please talk to me if you’d like to participate this year.  Traditionally this has been held in Feb./March but this year we are beginning a new tradition of holding it in the Fall.  We are making this change so that students who do well can take the opportunity to participate in the NATS regional competition in Jan. and possibly go on to Nationals in the summer.  Participating in NATS student auditions is great as it gives students a performance opportunity to work toward as well as the chance to receive feedback from other professionals.  It’s also a fantastic award to have on your resume.  Please consider participating and let me know!

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