THE schedule for Summer lessons will begin Tues., June 3 and end Thurs. Aug. 14.  All students who wish to keep their permanent spot with me should sign up for a summer time.  If you anticipate missing several of your summer lessons, just get on the sub list early and book subs in those weeks.  It’s usually pretty smooth.  Also, there will be NO masterclasses in the summer.  We will resume masterclasses in Sept.  The next recital will likely be in October, so stay tuned for that update.  If you are currently an every other week student and wish to move to every week, summer is a great time to secure that, so let me know. SUMMER TIMES include:  Tuesdays starting with a 1:00 lesson and ending with a 4:30 lesson.  Wednesdays I will teach students who would like evening lessons, beginning with a 6:30 lesson and ending with an 8:30 lesson.  Thursdays will start at 9 and end with a 12 noon lesson. To schedule your summer time, please send me an email with your first and second options.  I will send a confirmation email with your assigned time once I schedule everyone.  If you are trading with someone, I will send their name and number at that time.  Thanks!


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Voice teacher for the past 28 years. Love it!
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